• I've started a step by step guide to Fenix, it starts from the ground-up so it's suitable for beginners mostly. You can access the (really uncomplete) abiword+msword tar.bz2 version here
  • Got a good game? Want to see it running on Zeta? Right! I've started a database with cool Fenix games to be brought to BeOS. Click here.
  • Ok, the BeOS port is finished, everything works nice, solved a couple of bugs yesterday and coded the memory_free and memory_total functions. You can grab it from Bebits.

    My Fenix/BeOS stuff

    Just a quick note to say that I've added a module named current to the CVS which will contain the work in doing at the moment, which may vary, I suppose that everytime I change its contents, I'll post a tarball with the sources, so they don't get lost. So now we have a completely useless (by now) adventure game engine a small Python/Bethon program that asks for a program name, and launches it. Of course it is of no use without something like SpicyKeys (This is ONLY for BeOS)

    Fenix-Bubble ShotFenix-Bubble ShotThis is something I've been working on lately, you must be using Fenix 0.84 (from CVS nowadays) at least for it to work, it's not finished yet, although it implements some things I wanted to test (signalling system, database-like file loading, and some others) collision system is not working properly right now, but from the moment I think I'm going to concentrate in other stuff. I believe this to be a nice piece of code (most of it) for Medium Fenix developers -experienced developers may find it a bit stupid in some parts- I'm not going to work on this anymore (maybe I'll take it up some day) so feel free to modify it, always under the terms of the GPL 2.0, and if you do, please, drop me a note, and mention me somewhere.
    Module name: "F_Bubble", must be uncompressed in the same folder as the Frozen-Bubble source, and that should make it work fine.

    Fenix port in BeOSFenix port in BeOSHere are some images showing the progress of my BeOS port, you can access the adds (not the changes yet, sorry) through the CVS, module name "Fenix", copy the files over the existing Fenix official repository, compile the .proj files with BeIDE, and hope it works!

    menu ShotMenu A nice menu effect I did some time ago, implements a simple physics system, check it out, it's only 11 KB, this is for Fenix, by the way. Oh, and I don't really remember where I took the font from, but be sure it's not mine.
    99-00 A very nice (and maybe the only) adventure game made with DIV.

    You will be probably asking, Why does this guy use BeOS?, isn't it dead? why not use a "serious" OS like Windows or Linux?
    Simple, first of all, I have the perfect desktop for myself in the Linux disk, a Mandrake 9.1, Gnome 2.2, very nice theme for the windows and for GTK, a more than wonderful icon theme, fonts.... everything. But my computer cannot handle it, it's not the times of RedHat 6.0 anymore, so I tried using openBox 3 with dfm, but that forced me to touch many config files, which was fine for some time, but boring at the end. It's just that it became too difficult to have Mozilla and Nautilus at the same time, then I turned back to my old BeOS. It boots fast, works nice, and there's not the lack of apps you may be thinking of. I play everyday Worms Armageddon, Civilization Call to Power, Simon the Sorcerer or Day of the Tentacle natively. I can also play DVDs, I have Fenix :-) I have the latest version of perl & python, Mozilla FireBird, a wonderfull IDE.... the only thing I don't have installed is an Office app, though there are a couple good ones, but that's something I hardly ever use. So tell me, can you use ssh on a fresh WindowsXP installation? Probably you won't be able to do so even with LongHorn, your Windows installation is absolutely unfunctional, Linux is amazingly powerful, but BeOS does the job. Oh! and I haven't paid a cent. for it, and it's all legal, altough I will probably pay for the next BeOS (see the link at the top for details) because it's an OS worth supporting. Logo Valid HTML 4.01!